Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shop Update - Washi Tape

The newest addition to the Paper Pastries Shop- Japanese Washi tape. I resisted this tape for so long- I didn't see how I could use it. Was I wrong! I use this tape for everything. Envelopes, notes, photos, decoration- its easy to write on and removable! I love it.
The hard part was picking the prints- polka dots were a no brainer.
Tony loved this graph pattern.
I'm a sucker for stripes-

In any color.
And gold is really just great on anything.
Another addition- new colors!
 Purple plum, blueberry,
 brown sugar, and airmail.
I have been busy winding up bundles.
Don't you just love all the colors?
I am feeling inspired! A fresh start, a new roll, a blank canvas. 

1 comment:

  1. I felt the same way about washi tape (what's the big deal? I don't need that stuff) then I won a few rolls in a giveaway and now I have 30 or more rolls. Whoops! Addicted.

    I love the airmail Divine Twine too. Once I use up some of my existing twine I am going to buy some!



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