Friday, January 21, 2011

There's been drama. I'm so sick of thinking, talking and writing about it that I didn't want to even bring it up here. I think I might feel better about sharing/venting/ranting. Just so everyone knows, there has been a problem in my studio since day 1. There is a heating issue, being that the heater will not shut off. It has ranged from 80-97 degrees, daily. The only good thing about it is that they shut off the heating/ac unit at 6pm and all day on weekends and those have been the only times I've been able to work in there. I've been constantly talking to the building manager, building engineer and office secretary to resolve this problem. It took weeks before anyone even bothered to come to my studio to see if there was a problem. No one believed me, returned my phone, calls, or cared. There were a lot of interruptions- craft fairs, holidays, stomach flu, frustration, other projects- that have kept me from fully dealing with this problem. A major reason was that it was said to have been fixed, about six times. It's now gotten to the point where it is seriously affecting my business. It's like my business is being held hostage by this demon inferno! I can no longer be in this room of trapped heat- it gives me an all day headache and makes me queasy. Anyway, it's reached a point where if it's not fixed I'm going to call my own heater repair guy, and if he can't fix it I'm getting out. 
Due to all this, I am really behind on getting wholesale orders out. Tonight Katie, Nat and Tony are going to help me (either in the studio or back at world headquarters) and we are going to get everything done! If you ever need help from a team, I highly recommend the tips above. I cut this out of an old article of ReadyMade and it's never failed me. This weekend I have a lot of fun stuffed planned but I won't be able to enjoy it until I get these orders finished. Wish me luck!

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  1. good luck! i hope you get to enjoy your dream studio (with dreamy temperatures) soon! :)



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