Monday, February 7, 2011

Much love monday

The main treat of my surprise Christmas bag from Christine was this stamp collectors book. I had been storing my vintage stamps in an old matchbox. It wasn't the best way to keep everything organized. They would stick to each other and I'd literally have to lay everything out to find what I was looking for.
This handy little book has slots so I can categorize my stamps by color, theme, price- anything I want! When I first got this book, I organized by cuteness.
That all changed when I got these. These aren't cute as much as they are amazing. Now I have to re-categorize!
I've filled up all the pages of my book so I'd better get to using some of these stamps so I can make room.
These are leftover from the spring flowers pack.
I usually use a glue stick to adhere the stamps to the envelope but Christine just showed me a handy trick with the xyron sticker machine, easy!
There's also this handy little guide on the back, that I don't understand ;) I'm a stamp collector fraud! I so enjoyed my bag o' surprises, it's the gift that keeps on giving well into 2011.


  1. Such a colourful collection :)

    I found your blog via Much Love Monday. I hope you have a great week!

  2. I didn't know such a book like this existed.
    Fun & awesome! :)

  3. So fun to see your photos of the stamp book here.. happy to add a few pieces after all your help the other week : ) Maybe I can explain the perforation gauge at my next pen pal appearance ; )

  4. I found my mum a stamp book a while back because she just had them spread out all over the place, now they're all together but just kind of chucked in, next time i go home i'm aiming to organize them for her, and i like your idea of by cuteness!

  5. Wow, that`s so wonderful I want that one too... I`m starting to have my own stamp collection too.

  6. Hello! I found your blog in a round about way, and I am so enjoying going through all the previous posts. I thought I would comment on this one, because it the photos are great and it brought back happy memories of stamp collecting as a child!
    Have a lovely weekend :)



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