Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stickers & more

I've been sitting on these supplies since the holidays! Now that I feel 100% better and can finally unpack in my studio, I'm able to get everything out and photograph it. These are the first product photos I took in my studio. They are a bit gray, but they get the point across. Above, the gift wrap kit.
Special shape stickers- I have been using these on everything! Valentines, packages, envelopes, photos. Hours of fun :)
Heart stickers. When you buy the heart california postcard online, you get to pick where I stamp the heart. When you buy it in a shop, or at a craft fair, I include a heart sticker so you can place it wherever you'd like. I decided these hearts have endless uses, so I'd better get them in more colors.  More products coming very soon!
p.s. I am loving reading through all the memories from elementary school, they are so funny!


  1. OH! These are so adorable! I love them. Your photos are always so well lit and crisp looking -do you have any advice on product photography?

  2. Thanks kit!
    I take photos in a setup similar to this
    It's really made product photography a lot easier, though I'm still learning how to use my digital camera.

  3. Oh of course! Makes so much sense now. The boy who sits opposite me in my studio suggested we construct something similar in box form for ourselves, and get some good lighting. I am currently using whatever daylight happens to be around when I'm taking photos combined with Photoshop skills. I hope to have my photos looking like yours in no time! Thanks for the tip. x

  4. I used to only use natural light but it got to be so stressful. It comes in at different times of day depending on the seasons, and if my windows were dirty- all the set up was useless! The tent/light combo works really well for me, and I can take photos at night which I never used to be able to do. Good luck!



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