Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blair Mansion Inn

A menu is not something I would think to save from a trip, but I am sure glad our neighbors did. When I first saw the cover of this, I thought it was a haunted house. It turned out to be just a bold color choice. This was a full restaurant, with fine wine, sherry and desserts. Was, and I should say still is. I think I have to go next time I'm on the east coast. If I bring this in, think they'll honor these prices? ;)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Collected Maps

I've always enjoyed maps, globes, and atlases. I divided the large collection of maps collected on this road trip. I am hoping to display them all together somehow, but haven't had any ideas for this yet. Do you have a favorite of the ones below?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vintage Polaroids

More Polaroids from the road trip, plus a few extra. Only the New York City photos noted the location. I'm not sure where else they traveled but they found snow along the way, and a terrifying river. I keep thinking about the people move over the rapids. So scary, I don't think I could do it. Not because I'm scared of heights but because I am scared of water. I don't think something like that would be allowed to be built today.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage D.C.

I recently posted about a stack of old photos, magazines, maps and brochures that my dad got from his neighbor. If you need a refresher, see the post here. Whenever I've had a chance I've been sorting through the giant pile and scanning my top picks.
Vintage photographs really interest me. I love seeing places and people through the eyes of someone else. There are so many, I thought I would share them in groups. Group #1: Washington DC as seen through a Polaroid Land Camera.
What strikes me about these pictures is how empty everything looks.  They somehow managed to take photos with almost no people in them.  On my two trips to DC, there were swarms of people everywhere we went. In comparison, these photos looks so calm. If only I could travel in the 60's. More to come from this family's trip across the US.
Reply to last post's comment:
Crystal: Thanks for your sweet compliments. What a great resource list you've put together. For anyone who missed Crystal's comment, see pen pal links here.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Triangles & Circles

I've been using a lot of graph paper recently, for lettering and such, and I love blocking out different shapes. Since triangles come naturally, I've been on the hunt for more. Just made a new treasury list, see all of it here.

Patterns and envelopes

Though I'm don't sew I've developed a slight obsession with fabrics recently. On any given day you'll find me in a floral print dress; tiny flowers are my favorite. I wasn't sure what I could do with a book of flower prints but I really liked the majority of patterns inside so I got it.
Each design comes in three different color combinations.
Included is a CD of all the images as jpgs so you can use them for personal projects.
I had not used the book until I got these square and rectangle envelope punches. I printed out entire sheets of a few patterns onto heavy weight white cardstock. 
These heavy duty punches cut out an embossed envelope that you then fold up. A tiny bit of glue is all you need to complete one of these.
These would be darling as mini thank you notes to your bridesmaids or as place cards for a party. Add a few to a photo album or scrapbook to hold little mementos. You can find the envelope punches in my shop here.

Reply to previous comment-
Sofia: thank you, I love to send letters and notes. Would you like to be set up with a pen pal? If so, just fill out this form and email it to me
age (if you'd like to be set up with a pen pal in your age group)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Post

I'm always looking for ways to decorate my letters. You might have guessed that I have a large collection of rubber stamps but I am always looking for more. When I saw the custom stamp setting kit from Martha Stewart I thought it would be the perfect addition to my outgoing mail.
It comes with 2 rectangular bases ( one is pictured above) and 2 round bases. There are rows of notches, where you place individual letters.
As soon as I started cutting the letters apart I knew it was headed for trouble. Some are so tiny and have incredible bouncing power when they hit the table.  I got these peach compartment boxes from that shop in Little Tokyo. Included in this set are three alphabets: a large flourished type for monograms, a standard serif type, and a tiny sans serif type. I cut them all apart and organized them into three little boxes.
Setting up this address took about 15 minutes. Next time I will gather all the letters I need first, instead of "now I need an e." Sometimes it takes me doing something the wrong way first to realize a better way to do it. After the letters were set up, I practiced stamping.  The address needed slight adjustments that were pretty impossible to do without nails. Once the letters are locked into the base, it is hard to get them repositioned. The kit comes with tweezers but they are plastic and useless. You need precision to place the letter and force to pop it into the notch. Mixing different types of letters is also tricky, since they need different pressure. The small letters get filled in with ink, while the larger letters don't get the impression they need.
After 7 adjustments I was finally happy with the results.
I stamped it on a tag and taped it to my letter. I won't be setting up another address anytime soon. The second stamp, is from this set. Sophie, my Australian pen pal introduced it to me.
All of my replies are ready to go.

Sophie: I was so happy to see a letter from you. Yours is on the way.
I learned a lot about my mom, just asking her about the photos. After hearing all the stories, it made me want to go on a road trip.
A log book sounds very official :) I have a drawer where I add items that are "to be sent."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Signed, sealed & delivered (to me)

This past weekend was incredibly stormy in Los Angeles. Sunday was the LA Marathon and I felt so bad for the runners. I was out 'running' errands and it was miserable. I couldn't even imagine being out in that weather for 6+ hours. I kept hoping it would let up but it seriously got worse throughout the day. Tootie from ReForm School ran, she said the streets were just full of puddles you couldn't avoid so your socks and shoes were constantly soaked. They were basically running into the rain the entire time and it felt like it was hail. As if I wasn't already impressed enough!
Monday morning was also dreary and wet but I had some light coming through my window. 
I've been receiving a lot of good mail that I needed to sit down and read in depth.
  • letter from Sophie in Australia complete with photos
  • postcard from Erika in Chicago 
  • postcard about Molllye's Coney Island Exhibit
  • Thank you card from Erika in Oklahoma City
  • Cat card from Allie in Brooklyn
  • Penmanship postcard from Polly in Oregon, along with a letter and word search
  • St. Patrick's day postcard from Donovan in Chicago
  • letter from Allie in Brooklyn.
I made myself tea for one and a plate of my favorite cookies.
Well, one of my favorite cookies. Since I was sitting down to read letters, I wanted to keep my hands clean so I ate these with a knife and fork. You'd be surprised how much powdered sugar can travel. These are from the LA farmer's market.
I take notes while reading letters so when I reply it's easy for me to remember what I wanted to write about. Do any of you have a special system for correspondence?
On a side note, remember this blog? I submitted photos of my mom and Ming-Ha is going to use them! Mom is on the internet :) Here's the first post about her.
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