Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The missing link

There was a very important element missing from the camera stationery set but we just didn't know what. The more I stared at it the more I disliked the light green envelopes that we included. They just didn't have that certain something. I looked through the available envelope colors and was in disbelief that I could have missed such a pretty blue, cobalt. Introducing, the new and much improved: Classic Camera Stationery!
Still the same four great cameras, stamped in black, on flat gray cards.
For retail and craft fair purposes- handy dandy info wrap arounds. Who makes it, what's in it, where you can get more.
Because the blue is so deep, it might be hard to write clearly with a regular pen so I'm also including 8 blank kraft labels. In case you don't have a white or metallic pen to write on dark envelopes, you can just stick a label to the front and call it a day. Hope you guys like it.

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  1. this is so pretty! I totally went against my better judgement and ordered a set to my temporary address in France :), spur of the moment thing, just had to have. blogged about it too (in swedish), even with the shipping to France it was such a good price!



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