Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Of Another Fashion

My sister sent me the link this blog that catalogues vintage photos, advertisements and fashion relating to women of color. The photos are not only incredible to see but the history and stories behind them kept me reading the entire site in one sitting. I learned shocking historical facts that they didn't teach us in school. If you are at all interested in this subject you must take an afternoon and immerse yourself in this blog, see what you can learn.
I also really enjoy the reader submitted photos, mostly of mothers. An excerpt for the photo on the left: "...she's 26 years old visiting the Hoover grandmother stressed the importance of not bending over in this dress." 
I loved dressing in one color when I was little, maybe I need to get back into that. So bold!
The girl behind it all is Minh-Ha, you can find out more information about joining this project here. I'm going to find photos of my mother to share.
All photos from various posts on Of Another Fashion.


  1. This blog is amazing! As a woman of color, I rarely see pictures of women like me in the media, whether print or on tv or in the movies. What beautiful images, I hope they inspire others to look at the real make-up of our society.

  2. What a fantastic site! Thanks for sharing. Let us know if you submit photos of your mom.

  3. p.s. I just remembered I have a couple of photos of great grandmothers that I can submit. Ah, they were so beautiful.. wish I could have known them. I'll let you know if they get on the blog.



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