Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pin Money

I'd like to introduce a new feature on the blog titled Pin Money. It will chronicle the little things I purchase that I think you guys will like too.
Some background on the phrase: Originally a small allowance given to a woman in order to purchase clothes etc. for herself. More recently it is used to describe any small amount of money which might be earned by children or a low-paid for some service. 
Now on to the good stuff.
I couldn't resist these goods from the French General. Above, a gift tag kit. I think I will use the supplies to decorate some mail.
Vintage labels have become a recent obsession of mine, I was so happy to find these.
The colors and details are so pretty. A very special letter will get this.
I don't expect to have these for too long either, they are so fantastic!
Replies to previous post comments:
kate: it was amazing, I just loved being in there. They also had these soy candles burning that smelled just like what I imagine France to smell like.
amanda: I definitely recommend a visit, but be warned, it could take up your whole day.
dab: ok, let's go to france, summer 2012 i'm in ;) and thanks for spreading the word about pp, looking forward to hearing from Tony.
Merissa: I don't even sew but I got lost in their fabric. I think anyone who has an eye for beautiful things would enjoy an afternoon here.

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