Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ruggles Stitch

I commissioned this from the Ruggles Stitch etsy shop. She paints the hoop any color and using a cursive typewriter, adds whatever message you'd like. It was a Valentine's Day present to my good friend Mollye who is learning french and loves Edith Piaf. I find it much easier to choose gifts for my friends then gifts for myself. I would love one of these but I still can't decide on lyrics, my current favorite changes everyday.
Do you guys have a constant favorite song/band?
Responses to Friday's comments:
girl holding a paintbrush: I agree, the first roll is always the most exciting. Thanks! That is 
Kumar, my sister's cat.
jek-a-go-go: I recommend a superheadz, it is so lightweight and I was surprised by the quality of photos.

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