Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Signed, sealed & delivered (to me)

This past weekend was incredibly stormy in Los Angeles. Sunday was the LA Marathon and I felt so bad for the runners. I was out 'running' errands and it was miserable. I couldn't even imagine being out in that weather for 6+ hours. I kept hoping it would let up but it seriously got worse throughout the day. Tootie from ReForm School ran, she said the streets were just full of puddles you couldn't avoid so your socks and shoes were constantly soaked. They were basically running into the rain the entire time and it felt like it was hail. As if I wasn't already impressed enough!
Monday morning was also dreary and wet but I had some light coming through my window. 
I've been receiving a lot of good mail that I needed to sit down and read in depth.
  • letter from Sophie in Australia complete with photos
  • postcard from Erika in Chicago 
  • postcard about Molllye's Coney Island Exhibit
  • Thank you card from Erika in Oklahoma City
  • Cat card from Allie in Brooklyn
  • Penmanship postcard from Polly in Oregon, along with a letter and word search
  • St. Patrick's day postcard from Donovan in Chicago
  • letter from Allie in Brooklyn.
I made myself tea for one and a plate of my favorite cookies.
Well, one of my favorite cookies. Since I was sitting down to read letters, I wanted to keep my hands clean so I ate these with a knife and fork. You'd be surprised how much powdered sugar can travel. These are from the LA farmer's market.
I take notes while reading letters so when I reply it's easy for me to remember what I wanted to write about. Do any of you have a special system for correspondence?
On a side note, remember this blog? I submitted photos of my mom and Ming-Ha is going to use them! Mom is on the internet :) Here's the first post about her.


  1. So glad my letter arrived, Margaret! And that Of Another Fashion post is very cool - your mother is beautiful and obviously a wonderful person. I hope there will be more to come :)


    P.S. I wish I had a better correspondence-managing system. I have a log book; maintain a file of sent letters, etc (so I know what I wrote previously and have a record of mail art); and sometimes keep a list that outlines what I want to include (in terms of photos/postcards/random found things) with the next letter to each penpal.

  2. hello. how did you find your pen pal? I would love to have one it seems like fun!


    1. Pen pals found me through my blog, flickr, and through the pen pal club I ran at Reform School (a shop in LA)

      If you sign up for the letter writers alliance, they will find you a pen pal. It is a lot of fun!



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