Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage D.C.

I recently posted about a stack of old photos, magazines, maps and brochures that my dad got from his neighbor. If you need a refresher, see the post here. Whenever I've had a chance I've been sorting through the giant pile and scanning my top picks.
Vintage photographs really interest me. I love seeing places and people through the eyes of someone else. There are so many, I thought I would share them in groups. Group #1: Washington DC as seen through a Polaroid Land Camera.
What strikes me about these pictures is how empty everything looks.  They somehow managed to take photos with almost no people in them.  On my two trips to DC, there were swarms of people everywhere we went. In comparison, these photos looks so calm. If only I could travel in the 60's. More to come from this family's trip across the US.
Reply to last post's comment:
Crystal: Thanks for your sweet compliments. What a great resource list you've put together. For anyone who missed Crystal's comment, see pen pal links here.

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