Friday, April 29, 2011

Favorite pins this week

With temperatures rising in Los Angeles, I've been day dreaming about cooler climates. This place looks especially cool and beautiful. Via Ez Pudewa originally from Pink_Pink.
A fun weekend project. Plasti-dip via Heather Gill  originally from fellowcreatives.
Something pretty to fidget with. Color lockets via plenty of color, originally from apartment 34.
A room brightening zia zag rug via erin austen originally from urban outfitters. 
Typing ladies via amanda jones originally from allerleirau.
I will always gravitate towards pretty pastels. Via Natalia V originally from decor8.

It was a late night but well worth it. The Prince show was the best concert I'd ever been to. Non stop fun.  At the beginning of the show he said "I can't sing. Someone'll get pregnant" and I knew it was going to be great. But with three power house backup singers and synchronized twin dancers, how could it not be? If you are anywhere near Los Angeles I definitely recommend seeing one of his 21 shows.
Tony is away for the weekend but before he left, he took me to a leisurely breakfast at Joan's.  Afterward, we looked for travel books about the southwest. Rob Lowe was doing a book signing and I kind of wanted to stick around just to tell him what he's doing a great job on Parks and Rec- the funniest show on tv.
Anyway that was my morning/why this post is late. I'm going into overdrive tomorrow and Sunday, I can't believe Unique LA is next weekend! I've got a lot to share next week.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh, Ashkahn

This guy's sense of humor will instantly win you over. ReForm School started carrying his stuff in November and it is hard to keep in stock. I got a chance to meet him at Renegade LA last year and he's so funny and easy to talk to. Don't let that baby face fool you! He's kind of a perv ;) 
A quote from his website: "Ashkahn is 100% hot-head. Hire him for sure, but keep him away from your daughters." -James Victore  
His insanely popular "evolution of the muff" makes me laugh every time. An OBGYN bought our entire stock of prints for her exam rooms, LOL.

Also available in a tote, and tshirt. His designs stand alone in any format, his cards are little works of art:
He doesn't stop! See his site, shop, and blog.
A side note, I  had to include this because I'm going to see Prince tonight!! So excited.
all photos from Ashkahn's site. 
Replies to recent comments: 
Lauren The buckles really make it don't they? So classic.
Kate Glad you got the postcard, I am writing you a real letter this weekend.
Ciera Kelly green is my color for spring.
Jasmine It's my first satchel but it's turning out to be one of my top favorite bags.
Kitiva I'm super picky too, usually I hem and haw over purchases but I knew this was "the one." At least for spring, anyway. Good luck on your hunt, share when you find it.
Kate The structure is what I'm loving most about it. So easy to find everything.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cambridge Satchel Company

This is my new spring bag that I got for my trip to Oregon. I usually have a hard time picking out a color but as soon as I saw this green I knew she was the one.
My Australian pen pal Sophie, got a bag similar to this (it may be the same one) for her birthday. She included a photo of it in with her last letter and I've been thinking of satchels ever since. It is really different from the other purses I have. I love the studious and structured look of it.
Mine is the 14" version, you can find it here.
Replies to recent comments: 
Kate: Glad you like them, they are quite reasonable. The camera design is so you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New at P&C

I just got the spring newsletter this morning from Present & Correct. It's not a surprise that I love everything from this London based stationery shop.
Due to my recent traveling, my budget is tighter than usual so for now I am virtual window shopping.
I just can't decide which of these new rubber stamps is my favorite. I love #15, #20, #13, #1, #3, and #6. A few more items just added to my wish list:
all photos from Present & Correct.
Replies to recent comments: 
Kate: Thank you! May is a great time to visit LA, where are you visiting from?
Kim: Sweet of you to say.
Ryan + Eva: Thanks. I couldn't believe the photo was so large, I was surprised.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

House Beautiful

For those of you not familiar, House Beautiful is a fantastic decorating magazine based here in the US. A couple months ago, they asked ReForm School to submit some of their favorite products for an upcoming feature. Billie and Tootie sent my Chef's pencil set and they made it into the May issue!
This is my largest magazine feature, almost half a page
"The best for the kitchen"
The Chef's pencils are also on the "front page" of

Friday, April 22, 2011

Enamel Pins

Katie (my sister) collects these pins from our travels.  This is her collection pictured here. 
You'd be surprised at how many different styles you can find any place you go. I like to send postcards from our trips, she hunts for these pins. lf we come across a vintage or thrift store we'll usually stop in to see if there are any. Whenever she finds a great one, she buys a second in a contrasting color for her friend Brady. Sometimes I borrow my current favorite, right now it's the Guinness pin. It's got great curves and it reminds me of our fun trip to Dublin. Above and below is Katie's collection of pins.
Replies to recent comments: 
Caitlin: I just sent off my Portland film, should get it back in about two weeks. Portland recommendations will come with the posts.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going home

My trip to Oregon is coming to a close.  It has been a whirlwind.  My dad, sister and I travelled from LA to Portland, to Central Oregon.  We have seen a lot of great shops and even more great cats!  I am coming home tomorrow, but, not for long. Katie (my sister), Nat (my brother-in-law) and I are off to Northern California for Easter weekend.  I'm looking forward to getting my vacation photos developed and sharing them with you.
Though I will only be home for 2 days before leaving again, I'm hoping to accomplish a lot.  Spring craft fair season is coming closer, and I have stockpiling to do for Unique LA and Renegade Austin in May. 
Replies to recent comments: 
Rocio: I've recently become a lot more interested in landscapes, maybe that will inspire some different vacation spots.
Jaclyn:  If you love the graininess of those photos, you should try shooting with a high iso film, you'll get the same effect.
Olivia: Digital will never replace film. What happens one day when your hard drive gets wiped? A negative is forever.
Kristin: I agree :)

Photo: Night Glow by miriam subbiah

Monday, April 18, 2011

Film Grain

When someone posts a photo on Pinterest, the link to the source is built in. Tumblr is similar to Pinterest, in that it's a place for collected inspiration but a big problem is that a lot of posts don't give credit to the artist or a link to the source. One of my favorite tumblrs is Film Grain; a well curated collection of the best photographs online. Film Grain is run by 15 year old Sid Black, in Oxford England. The majority of photos are taken with film.
The following photos are a small selection of my favorite photos found via Film Grain, the artist is listed under his/her photo.
 Markus Nurmi.
 Only fools flickr stream.
 Valentine S. flickr stream.
Allister Ann flickr stream.
 Jessica Hans.
Molly Hare.
Marco Paoluzzo.
 Katez02 flickr stream.
Fenk's flickr stream.
D3sign's flickr stream.
E Mccown.
Svenster78 flickr stream.
Sergey  Neamoscou.
Randy P. Martin

Replies to recent comments: 
Brooke: I've been to the Japanese Garden, it is so beautiful! Great recommendation :) Tony and I visited Portland spring break, during my senior year. We really enjoyed the tea room in the gardens. We were only in Portland one day this trip, on Saturday, so I got your recommendations a bit too late but Thank you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A vacation

On Monday, this letter from Kate arrived. Not only was it a three page letter but she also send me one of her necklaces. So sweet of her!
Allie was visiting when the letter arrived and she fell in love with this necklace. Her Polaroid was actually the first one I ever used. Since she loved it so much I had to give it to her, but I can borrow it whenever I'd like ;) 
When I was younger, my dad, sister and I would go on a road trip every summer. The trips were so fun and my definition of summer vacation. I think the last trip we went on as a family was when my sister was in college. Since we are so busy in our adult lives it's been kind of difficult to coordinate a trip but it finally came together and we are all going to Oregon! My dad's really good friends live there so we are flying into Portland and then driving to their house. I'm leaving this 80 degree LA weather for the 50 degree Pacific Northwest. I'm really excited, I love Oregon and have not seen Kathy since I graduated in 2007. I will return Kate's letter, and a few others while in Oregon. 

Any must sees in Portland?
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Replies to recent comments: 
Kate I'm so lucky :) and international presents are the best!
Kimberly I'm trying to decide where to put those donut bears- any suggestions? It's a cherry blossom kit kat, I haven't tried it yet. Green tea sounds delicious.
Sofia Thanks
Katie  Yes, it's pretty much the best thing.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gifts from Tokyo

You guys remember that my college roomate, Allie, was in Japan when the earthquake/tsunami happened. I was really worried about her because she was there without a cell phone but she let everyone know that she and her friends were alright the day after. Allie returned safely the following Wednesday but she was all the way in New York. This past weekend her cousin got married in San Diego so she was in California. Since I was also busy with Amy and Scott's wedding festivities this past weekend, we couldn't meet up. Luckily, she was able to come up to LA on Monday. I didn't realize how relieved I would feel when I actually go to see her, hug her and confirm with my own eyes that she was ok. An added bonus to her visiting- my presents from Tokyo! I love bears so a lot of my gift was bear themed.
The cutest little mug for my morning coffee/afternoon tea.

Bear donut stickers, obviously.
A pen, you push down the right ear for black ink, the left ear for red ink.
Allie said this stamp reminded her of Tony, lol :)
Anchor paper clips, I'm thinking of attaching a magnet to the back so I can use them on my fridge to hold up notes and lists.
In college, fake eyelashes were an obsession of mine. Since graduating I have fewer occasions to wear them but I still love collecting different types. These have cross hatching and a bit of gold thrown in for good measure.
Thank you Allie, I love everything!
Replies to recent comments: 
Jaclyn I'm glad you found some prints you like, I have a wish list of 2+.
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