Wednesday, April 13, 2011

20 x 200

You may have heard about 20 x 200. It is the genius idea of Jen Bekman: a place where artists and art connoisseurs come together. Here you can discover and buy affordable art from well known and emerging artists. A few weeks ago I picked out two prints and they arrived soon after. I appreciated the brightly colored sticker advising my postman what was inside. Usually any envelope or small parcel gets jammed into my tiny box and ruined. These prints arrived in perfect condition.
Each print comes with the artist's bio and some info about the specific work.
The package also includes an official certificate, with the artist's signature.
In keeping with the affordable art theme I got some frames from Ikea. I liked the dark wood so much, I bought a ton. I will have a gallery wall in my studio. Above, Lisa Congdon's Vintage Erasers. This was the first photo in her Collection a Day project, and I have loved it every since the day I saw it.
Jessica Eaton's Filter Samples light up my life :) These colors make me instantly happy. I've been fascinated by rainbows since I was little so I love this "grown up" version.
With at least two new editions added every week, I am really looking forward to more from 20 x 200. 

Replies to recent comments:
KC Glad you like Debbie's work but I'm not surprised because I knew you have great taste! :)

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  1. 20X200 has such unique artwork! i love the site, though i have yet to purchase from them. its so cool how each piece comes with a signed certificate and in such a cool envelope! the eraser print is fantastic :)



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