Friday, April 22, 2011

Enamel Pins

Katie (my sister) collects these pins from our travels.  This is her collection pictured here. 
You'd be surprised at how many different styles you can find any place you go. I like to send postcards from our trips, she hunts for these pins. lf we come across a vintage or thrift store we'll usually stop in to see if there are any. Whenever she finds a great one, she buys a second in a contrasting color for her friend Brady. Sometimes I borrow my current favorite, right now it's the Guinness pin. It's got great curves and it reminds me of our fun trip to Dublin. Above and below is Katie's collection of pins.
Replies to recent comments: 
Caitlin: I just sent off my Portland film, should get it back in about two weeks. Portland recommendations will come with the posts.


  1. This Custom Pins collection is awesome! I've collected for several years now and some of the pins I've never saw before.

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