Monday, April 18, 2011

Film Grain

When someone posts a photo on Pinterest, the link to the source is built in. Tumblr is similar to Pinterest, in that it's a place for collected inspiration but a big problem is that a lot of posts don't give credit to the artist or a link to the source. One of my favorite tumblrs is Film Grain; a well curated collection of the best photographs online. Film Grain is run by 15 year old Sid Black, in Oxford England. The majority of photos are taken with film.
The following photos are a small selection of my favorite photos found via Film Grain, the artist is listed under his/her photo.
 Markus Nurmi.
 Only fools flickr stream.
 Valentine S. flickr stream.
Allister Ann flickr stream.
 Jessica Hans.
Molly Hare.
Marco Paoluzzo.
 Katez02 flickr stream.
Fenk's flickr stream.
D3sign's flickr stream.
E Mccown.
Svenster78 flickr stream.
Sergey  Neamoscou.
Randy P. Martin

Replies to recent comments: 
Brooke: I've been to the Japanese Garden, it is so beautiful! Great recommendation :) Tony and I visited Portland spring break, during my senior year. We really enjoyed the tea room in the gardens. We were only in Portland one day this trip, on Saturday, so I got your recommendations a bit too late but Thank you.


  1. Wow, I love the photos!!! I wish I was there! Thks for sharing!

    Rocio R.

  2. these scenery shots are so beautiful! i especially like how grainy and vintage the photos look.

  3. beautiful photos! it's so good to know that using film to shoot is still popular.

  4. gah beautiful photos! film is the best. :]

  5. As much as I love the convenience of digi cams, I have to dust off my old pentax because nothing beats film. Look at those photos! My gosh so haunting.



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