Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gifts from Tokyo

You guys remember that my college roomate, Allie, was in Japan when the earthquake/tsunami happened. I was really worried about her because she was there without a cell phone but she let everyone know that she and her friends were alright the day after. Allie returned safely the following Wednesday but she was all the way in New York. This past weekend her cousin got married in San Diego so she was in California. Since I was also busy with Amy and Scott's wedding festivities this past weekend, we couldn't meet up. Luckily, she was able to come up to LA on Monday. I didn't realize how relieved I would feel when I actually go to see her, hug her and confirm with my own eyes that she was ok. An added bonus to her visiting- my presents from Tokyo! I love bears so a lot of my gift was bear themed.
The cutest little mug for my morning coffee/afternoon tea.

Bear donut stickers, obviously.
A pen, you push down the right ear for black ink, the left ear for red ink.
Allie said this stamp reminded her of Tony, lol :)
Anchor paper clips, I'm thinking of attaching a magnet to the back so I can use them on my fridge to hold up notes and lists.
In college, fake eyelashes were an obsession of mine. Since graduating I have fewer occasions to wear them but I still love collecting different types. These have cross hatching and a bit of gold thrown in for good measure.
Thank you Allie, I love everything!
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Jaclyn I'm glad you found some prints you like, I have a wish list of 2+.


  1. How lucky are you - so gla you friend is alright and love all your goodies.

  2. i LOVE tenorikuma :) and those donut bears--killing me! what kind of kit kat is that? my husbnad & i just came back from japan (a week before the earthquake) and we brought green tea/sakura kit kat--yum!

  3. Bear butt so cute. I'm super jealous :)



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