Monday, April 11, 2011

The last of it

We've reached the end of all the vintage travel brochures, maps, and photos from my neighbor's family trip in the late 60's. These last few are from Texas, California, and South West. I'm going to put everything back into a box, maybe in another 40 years, someone else will enjoy looking at them. That alligator trick will never get old!

I have never been to Tahoe but would love to stay in a place like this.

 Simple and effective design, timeless.
I hope everyone had a really fantastic weekend. Tony, Katie, Nat, and I went down to San Diego (along with most of the people we know) to celebrate with Amy and Scott the whole weekend. I am sending off my film to get developed, so let's hope I got some good shots! The wedding was perfect, the weather was perfect and everything was so beautiful! Can't wait to share. 
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Jek-a-go-go Thanks for your link- you have great boards.
Katherine I can't pick a favorite board- I love all your crafting and color pins.
Milena Cute desk accessories are an obsession of mine too.

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  1. Amazing - I love old school american ephemera. Nothing quite compares:) xx Jane



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