Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh, Ashkahn

This guy's sense of humor will instantly win you over. ReForm School started carrying his stuff in November and it is hard to keep in stock. I got a chance to meet him at Renegade LA last year and he's so funny and easy to talk to. Don't let that baby face fool you! He's kind of a perv ;) 
A quote from his website: "Ashkahn is 100% hot-head. Hire him for sure, but keep him away from your daughters." -James Victore  
His insanely popular "evolution of the muff" makes me laugh every time. An OBGYN bought our entire stock of prints for her exam rooms, LOL.

Also available in a tote, and tshirt. His designs stand alone in any format, his cards are little works of art:
He doesn't stop! See his site, shop, and blog.
A side note, I  had to include this because I'm going to see Prince tonight!! So excited.
all photos from Ashkahn's site. 
Replies to recent comments: 
Lauren The buckles really make it don't they? So classic.
Kate Glad you got the postcard, I am writing you a real letter this weekend.
Ciera Kelly green is my color for spring.
Jasmine It's my first satchel but it's turning out to be one of my top favorite bags.
Kitiva I'm super picky too, usually I hem and haw over purchases but I knew this was "the one." At least for spring, anyway. Good luck on your hunt, share when you find it.
Kate The structure is what I'm loving most about it. So easy to find everything.

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