Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pin Money Vol. 2

After I saw the postcards from Steep Street on Etsy, I couldn't stop thinking about them. Don't you just hate when you leave a store and can't stop thinking about a dress or pair of shoes, so you go back and they're gone? That's what is so great about online shopping. After thinking about them all day, I was able to buy them that night :)
I got the Rose City, Things I like, and Wandering Barcelona packs. I didn't realize (though it does say in the description) that these postcards come ready to mail with a stamp already on the back. A nice surprise for me!
The colors are so vibrant, the paper is good quality and they are matte, not glossy.
I've never been to Barcelona but these beautiful images have made me want to go.
Besides being very happy with the products, I also liked communicating with the shop owner. Etsy is great for finding "new to you" artists and shops.

Replies to recent comments:
Amy Thank you, I consider myself very lucky to receive such pretty things in the mail.
Claire Do you have/want a pen pal?
Jacklyn I need a better organization system for all the stationery/mailing supplies I have! But they make me happy so I'd rather have them in a pile then not at all. Not so sure if tony feels the same though :)

Big thanks to everyone who signed up for a pen pal. I will be at ReForm School next on Tuesday, where I'll have access to my pen pal waiting list. Expect to hear from them then.


  1. beautiful! i'm really lovin' the "things i like" set.

  2. what pretty postcards! i love the rounded edges and how saturated the colors are in the flower set!



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