Thursday, April 7, 2011


As if I didn't spend enough time on the internet already. Do you guys know about Pinterest? It is a virtual board where you can "pin" images from websites. I joined a few weeks ago but it's just recently taken over my life. It is a really great resource for finding diy projects, fashion, design, recipes, you name it. To top that off, there is a lot of beautiful imagery. If you have a few hours to lose, I recommend checking it out. If you need an invitation to join, just email me or leave your email in a comment. Check out my boards here. Some of my favorite pins from others-
 A note a day via 74 lime lane, originally from Design Sponge.
Melodie save the date via Lovely Clusters, originally from Thoughtful Day.
Ranunculus via Amanda Jones, originally from Sweet Eventide's Flickr.
Pantry staples via Ez Pudewa, originally from Good life eats.
Multnomah Falls via Lovely clusters, originally from Citrus Heart's flickr.  

all photos from linked sites.

Replies to recent comments:
Katrina The "things I like" set is so detailed, I don't think my photo does it justice. There's also a camera postcard that somehow got separated from the set. That was the one that originally drew me into the shop.
Jacklyn: The flowers look almost fake the colors are so unreal. They are so pretty!


  1. oh yes....I just try to pin things when I have time while surfing the web! There is so much inspiration form all the beautiful imagery.

  2. pinterest is my go-to site when i am looking for beautiful inspiring photos. LOVE that site.

  3. Pinterest is a dangerous thing! so easy to get lost for hours in there. I play a linky pinterest on my blog every friday - want to link and play along?
    Hope to see you there - in the meantime - i am off to check out your boards and get lost for a few hours!

  4. I'm on Pinterest everyday! Joined this fall.

    I'm urdirtylaundry...

  5. I love pinterest but i don't have any invitation.

    If you have some, could you e-mail me?



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