Friday, April 8, 2011

San Diego, here I come

I just went to the Creative Mornings LA talk at the Lomography store. It made me doubly excited for this weekend. I'm off to San Diego for a good friend's wedding. I am packing the same amount of clothes as cameras/film.

Replies to recent comments:
Inessa Pinterest is such a good idea, I'm surprised no one thought of it sooner.
Jessica Jane What's your link? I can't find anyone! Is there a people search function that I'm missing?
Kate Cool idea, I've linked up. Will be on the lookout for next week too.
Jeanee I couldn't find you, not sure how to search for members already on. Link to your page?
If you have a pinterest page, please leave the link in a comment, I'd love to see.


  1. well now...i must go find yer pinterest too!

  2. welcome to pinterest - it's been an obsession of mine for months!


    love pinterest!!

  4. pinterest is seriously addicting! please feel free to check mine out:

    i'd love to follow you!

  5. ooooh such lovely looking cameras! i only recognise the instax mini and the holga... what are the others? oh, and such a beautiful blog - it is one of my favourites xxx



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