Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Signed, sealed & delivered (to me)

I've received some beautiful mail recently. Above, a note and stamps/stickers from Donovan in Chicago. If you have not seen her new Intangible blog, it's definitely worth checking out.
Italian stationery always has lined envelopes- pure class!
Are you aware of the newly updated public Letter Writers Alliance shop? It used to be only members had access to these products but now everyone has access to their LWA  branded products. Their vintage postal finds (including working typewriters) and downloads are still in the secret members only area. You can become a member here.
I also received a mystery letter, from someone whose handwriting I didn't recognize.
I was even more surprised to discover letterpress stationery and dennison labels inside. A new pen pal, Alyson :)
Have any of you become obsessed with the current spring fashions? The Neiman Marcus ads found in the new Vogue are really something. I enjoy how they tell a story with the clothes instead of just photographing the models in a studio. I have a lot of trips planned so I was especially drawn to this image. I went through my envelope templates to find one that would fit this page perfectly.
The more precise the cuts, the better the end product.
A template, pen, pair of scissors and glue is all you need.
Another bonus to making envelopes out of magazine pages is that they are automatically "lined."
I also sent out this long overdue card to my friend Lindsay who recently took a trip to India.
It's so satisfying to send out a stack of mail.


  1. ohh these stationary/mailing supplies are all so pretty! love what you did with the vogue magazine page!

  2. Love that envelope! What kind of tool do you use to mark the edges? I didn't see it before



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