Friday, May 6, 2011

First Spring Craft Fair

Today, for most of the day, I will be setting up for Unique LA. No matter how many times I participate in a fair there are always last minute things to remember. Besides getting all the products, displays, and other necessities together, the day of, a lot of work goes into it the weeks leading up to the actual show date.
I'm always a bit crazed around show times, always think there is more I can do. Without the help of my team I really couldn't do all that I do. My sister has always been extremely helpful but this time she has gone above and beyond. I got her a small gift to say thank you. The card is from greenwich letterpress and the diy stationery kit and clear air mail envelopes are from this etsy shop. It's a great supply shop filled with adorable things. I discovered it via tokketok blog.
I used the April page from my giant calendar to wrap everything up and some alphabet rubber stamps and washi tape to decorate.
I just got these new postage stamps so I am dying to sit down and write some letters but don't think I'll have time this weekend.
I also just got a ton of film developed, from my Oregon and San Francisco trips. I've got a lot of scanning to do.
Have a great weekend. If you are in LA, come by my booth at Unique and say hi!
(be sure to mention paper pastries at the entry table.)
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Marla Grace :)

Kimberly I agree! I think I avoided it for so long because people would ask "paper pastries? are all your cards have treats on them?" And I also have to work on my giant stockpile of stationery. You'd think 4 pen pals would be enough!
Lilyfm: Thanks!
My fashion dolly: Yes they are mine, thank you.


  1. OMG thank god it's not just me who feels like there is so much to do, I always thought the more fairs I do the easier it will become, but every time there is loads to remember, right now Im having a 5 min break as I have got a fair tommorrow and I still have lots to organise, but Im so tired!! x

  2. I hope the fair goes well!! Love the gifts you got for your sister!

  3. I will be at Unique L.A. on Saturday! My friend displays her plushy toys, JanieXY. So I will definitely stop by! I saw your display at last years Spring show. It was adorable! One of my favorites! I love the stamps! I'll have to pick some up! Good Luck!!! :)

  4. I wish I could come by your booth! Your pictures always look so fun. Where did you get the calendar that's your backdrop? I've been looking for a pretty desk calendar.

  5. oooh I love love love those air mail clear envelopes.... might have to purchase some! and those stamps are gorgeous! im not sure if you can buy such nice stamps in the UK.... probably not as the USA always seems to have all the cute stuff! xoxo



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