Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guest Post No. 2

Our next guest blogger is Eva. I chatted her up at my first ever craft fair and we've known each other ever since. She recently had her first baby, the most adorable little girl named Ingrid who wears the best baby outfits. Since the birth of her daughter, I haven't seen Eva so we've been keeping in touch via email. She authors a great blog so I'm honored she's guest posting here today.

Hello there! I'm Eva. I run a little letterpress company with my husband called Sycamore Street Press. I've admired Margaret's work ever since I first saw it a couple of years ago at the first Renegade LA, so I'm very happy to be here with a guest post while she's off exploring the wild west.
Inspired by Lisa Congdon's Collection a Day project, I thought I'd share a few of my little collections with you. Most of the time, it doesn't start off as a collection. I just accumulate things that I like. And then I look around and realize that I'm surrounded!
So, here we go...
1 ///// Japanese washi tape
I used to have a bunch of colored masking tape for wrapping gifts, hanging art, and other creative projects. But when patterned washi tape became readily available in the US, I fell in love... just like every other design blogger out there!

2 ///// Markers
I've had a revolving assortment of markers for as long as I can remember. I use them for so many things -- drawing, writing letters, decorating packages, highlighting books...

3 ///// Polaroids 
I acquired my first Polaroid camera from my mom in 1999. I've been taking them ever since. There's something so magical about the whole process! I still have a couple of packs of film that I'm hoarding. I don't know what I'll do when they run out! Guess I'll have to try the new alternatives. I just wish Polaroid would get back at it, though, don't you?

4 ///// Canning Jars
Food looks so much prettier when stored in glass canning jars! I pick up old jars at thrift stores and then buy new lids.

5 ///// Tea Towels
I think every single one of my tea towels was either thrifted or gifted. I love them! Such an easy, practical way to spruce up the kitchen.

5 ///// Succulents
Because I love indoor plants. And these are hard to kill. Unless you leave them outside during a Utah winter. Yeah, don't do that.
Thanks again for having me over! And you're all welcome (of course) to join me over on my blog for The Month of Paper. Any friend of Paper Pastries, is a friend of mine. :)


  1. OH... such great great things..polaroid pictures... arent they the fun fun...btw. Nice to meet you... I flew in via twitter!
    Have a wonderful day..
    Take care!

  2. Love Eva's work and her blog. That shot of the tapes is wonderful!

  3. Eva, I would love to send you a letter! Maby with some new Polaroid film?



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