Friday, May 20, 2011

Guest Post No. 4

My fourth and last guest blogger is a girl who is fast becoming a close friend. When we first met, we couldn't stop talking. We share so many of the same loves- stationery, calligraphy, the east side ;) Thanks to her, I have a go to favorite sandwich; prosciutto and fig from FOOD+LAB; it's to die for. Enjoy these letter writing finds from her:
Hello, friends!
I'm Victoria, and I run a little company called Paper & Type. I tend to keep photographs, notes and other bits on the P&T blog, but today as a guest of Paper Pastries, I'm going to share here with you a wee roundup of wonderfully curious correspondence projects! An especially fitting topic, I think, since I first met Margaret by way of the Pen Pal Club at Reform School.
A couple favorites...
1. Mysterious Letters. In 2009, Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe handwrote personal letters of random matters and sent one to each of the 467 households in the Irish village of Cushendall. Fervent curiosity among the community ensued. The pen pal pair followed that feat with another 620 households of a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and they're currently working through St. Gallen in Switzerland. The two intend to write the world (I hope I'm included on their agenda somewhere)!

2. The Letter Project. At Watchwork you'll find a compendium of music, graphic design, photographs, and — for you avid correspondents — writing in the form of letters. WW requests from you a topic, a question, a word, plus your mailing address, so that he may write and send you a letter by post. Perhaps you'll receive a scientifically researched response, or some info graphics, or a series of index card answers, one by one (as appropriate). Do peruse the archives, and, for a letter of your own, send a note to 

And a few others:
3. Letters of Note, a collection of correspondence of all sorts and all fascinating
Hand Letter Email Writing Service, to bring back the good of handwritten messages
Clothing for Correspondence, where you provide a gently-worn (or new) article of clothing in exchange for an articulate letter to the person and on a topic you choose.
I hope you enjoy exploring these projects, and that it encourages you all to write! If you're looking to find a pen pal, email rollcall@reformschoolrules with your name, address, and interests. Margaret will do her best to match you with one.
Thanks so much for having me here, Margaret. See you when you return from Austin!

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