Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Huntington Library

I'm back from Texas. A huge thank you to Victoria, Dab, Eva, and Annemarie for the great guest posts they put together for me. I hope you liked them, I really enjoyed reading them. I know how time consuming blog posts can be so the fact that these four took the time to do that for me... it's just really appreciated. I have tons of posts I need to catch up on so I want to play catch up, take care of those before I talk about my trip/Renegade Austin. 
These photos today are from about 2 months ago (I know.) Mollye, one of the greatest friends a girl could have, was home for a few weeks so we got to see each other. Mollye is a friend who, right out of college, moved to Brooklyn, dove into her photography career, then decided to travel the world. It is such a treat when I get to see her. I love it when she's back "home" (she grew up in Redondo Beach) because we get to act like tourists. One day we decided to go to the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino. That day was gorgeous and bright and we spent hours wandering the Gardens and the grounds.  Though I've been here about 7 times I never get tired of it. Here are photos from that trip:
Today I have to finish up place cards for Daniel and Jessica's wedding- which is in 5 days! Tony and I are heading up to Napa on Friday to join in the festivities, but I've got a lot to do before then.
All photos taken with my 35mm Superheadz slim.


  1. Wow, it looks fantastic there. The photographs are great too. I like the warmness to them.

    Emily x

  2. Thanks for posting these. I used to be a reader at the Huntington. As fabulous as the collection was, the real draw was the landscape. You really captured what it feels like to wander around the grounds! I especially love the second shot.

  3. It was an honor to guest post for you! Hope you had a great trip - looking forward to hearing about it. Best of luck wrapping up those place cards!! Go get 'em.

  4. Oh wow, the cacti look incredible! This reminds me a little bit of an area of the Sydney Botanical Gardens, also a really beautiful place!



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