Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oregon Pt. 1

A few shots from my Oregon trip in April. While driving from Portland to Redmond, we stopped at the Timberline Lodge at the top of Mt. Hood. It was covered in snow! I hadn't been in snow for years, it was fun even though we were not prepared for it. 
My sister and dad. It was so freezing and the snow was blinding. 
The next day we were in Bend and went to the top of a bluff. Great views.
After lunch in Bend, we walked along the river. The wind was insane. Katie was prepared with a circle scarf that protected her face from getting wind chapped.
The reason we went to Oregon was to visit my dad's friend Kathy. This is "tiny" a neighborhood cat that hung out on her patio furniture.

Oregon is such a pretty place. I had a great time. We are planning another family trip to Oregon next year, but this time to see the coast.
All photos from my 35mm Minolta.
Replies to recent comments: 
Handmade by Emily Thanks, I have been impressed by the quality of the superheadz slim camera, it was under $40! I definitely recommend it.

Katie Thank you. I love that place, it must have been so nice to work there- so pretty!
That Kate  I would say it's a must for anyone visiting (or living) in the LA area.
Annemarie Just finished up the place cards. The table numbers were very difficult for me, the nib just did not want to coordinate. Lots of sputtering of ink everywhere. Some days are just bad.
Kitiya I try to visit Botanical Gardens in every city I go to, maybe one day I'll get to see Sydneys.


  1. Oh, I love Oregon! As someone from the Texas coast, I always enjoy the break from the weather and constant mountain-lined horizons. My grandmother lives there and I always look forward to visiting. She's a self-proclaimed naturalist and has discovered google. We drove from Bend out to the coast and up to Tillamook and back to Portland. She narrated the entire trip, divulging tidbits about small towns, native plants, bird migratory and mating habits, all found on google.

  2. These photos really are pretty. I love the exposure on them - thanks for sharing!



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