Friday, May 27, 2011

Oregon Pt. 2

Do you ever get sidetracked while diligently working on a project? My dad has been rebuilding/painting a vintage writing desk for me. It has small drawers that need replacement knobs so I've been on the hunt for some at antique shops. While in Redmond, Oregon we stopped by the Farmer's Co-Op that has over 20 rooms, plus a whole basement of antiques. Each section is carefully curated; kitchen, toys, jewels, cameras. So while looking for knobs I got completely sidetracked. I think we spent close to two hours in this shop. For those of you who go vintage shopping in California, you would be floored by Oregon prices. So affordable! It's too bad we were flying back home, or I would have been able to pick up a lot more. Some shots from around the shop:
Replies to recent comments: 
Lori I think the cool weather was one of my favorite things about our trip to Oregon. The temperature stayed below 60 degrees the entire time. That sounds like a fun trip with your grandmother. Tony and I just drove through the southwest and I had downloaded a travel guide onto the ipad, so I was able to read facts about each town. It makes the drive less tiring I think.
Will Glad you like them, thanks for posting one on your pinterest! I'm honored :)
all photos taken with  my 35mm minolta.


  1. My parents live near Vancouver, WA and they are always telling me about the antique stores in Oregon and how affordable everything is. I am going to definitely have to take a road trip up there sometime soon.

  2. Oh my gosh! I would do anything for some of those tiny wooden drawers!

  3. I'd do anything for those license plates



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