Monday, May 9, 2011

Unique LA recap

I'm pleased as punch to introduce my latest and greatest (albeit limited) product. A beautiful envelope pouch to house, organize, and transport your must have stationery items. 
It makes me smile even just to see a photo of it. It's adorable! I came up with the rough design of it, picked out the fabric, and Polly Danger made it a reality. She did such a great job, don't you think? Sorry, they are all sold out!  Some more shots from my Unique LA booth:
and some new calligraphy samples.
A new edition to Unique LA is a preview catalog. The Unique LA team did a really fantastic job, the styling, layout and photography are so great. There are a few of my products in there, I just took some screen shots:

I want to thank all the blog readers that were able to stop by my booth and say hello. It was so nice to put a face to a name :) Those of you who stopped by already know this but for those who didn't get the chance here's the story. I slipped and instead of falling on my butt, I fell onto my foot. Since it was less than an hour before the show opened up on Saturday morning, I couldn't leave. Today I got finally got a chance to go to the doctor and it turns out I broke some bones in my foot. When a bone is broken it can be displaced or remain aligned. Mine are still alligned; which is the best way to break a bone- lucky me :) I couldn't get an appointment to see the "fracture specialist" today so I'm going early tomorrow morning. Depending on what they think, I'll either get a brace or a cast on my foot. The worst thing about that was that I didn't get a chance to "walk" the show like I usually would. That's why I don't have any pictures to share of my vendor friends' booths and even sadder, no photos of what I bought because I didn't get a chance to shop!
Replies to recent comments: 
Ruby I've been doing this for almost two years and I still can't remember to bring everything I need along. Instead of getting easier, I think it just gets easier to forgive yourself.
Kate The fair went really well, thank you. 
JacMarie Thanks for stopping by, very sweet of you.
Jamie The calendar is from The big one.
Zoe I have been loving the Hollywood legend series of US postage. I mostly love the vintage US postage, but have recently taken a liking to Canadian vintage postage too.


  1. loved all the little glimpses of your booth - it looks absolutely lovely! and that stationary envelope - the turquoise color is such a great choice!

  2. The pouch is wonderful and the way you displayed everything looks so great! Im so sorry to hear about your foot though! I broke mine a couple of yrs ago and had to go in a cast so i feel your pain!! x

  3. I love the pouch! It reminds me of this amazing Lisa Frank organiser I had in high school to hang in my locker. I like this better though, because you can take it everywhere with you! x



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