Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Great Debate

What do you guys think about bloggers posting with iphone photos? I am all for it, as long as it doesn't forever take the place of their actual photographs. Our phones are such a big part of our everyday life they I figure an aspect of what they can do is bound to end up on our blog sooner or later. In some situations, taking a photo with your phone is the only way you could have gotten the shot. Clearly, some bloggers take greater care than others- I would never intentionally post a blurry photo on my blog- but others don't seem to mind it. Another part of the discussion is the addition of fun apps.  I use instagram everyday and love it. It is really fun and easy to snap a photo with my phone, plus it makes twitter a lot more interesting. So if it takes an app to even get someone to want to take snapshots, I think that's a step in the right direction. I am continuously impressed by the camera on the iPhone 4, but that doesn't mean it will ever replace any of my 'real' cameras. 
Anyway, here are some of my recent instagram photos. Above, flowers growing wildly in Katie's backyard.
Never miss an opportunity to catch Kumar being cute.
or any other cat for that matter.
Instagram is also a useful tool to make friends jealous with meals they miss. Or to text someone a unicorn to brighten their day.
I've heard a lot from both sides, pro and con. Do you like the way instagram photos look? Have a favorite filter? Do you post iphone photos on your blog? If so, leave a link so we can see.


  1. I don't mind them at all. To me they even seem a little less staged and more real. I feel like most of the time regular photos are staged to a T, but camera photos are more "in the moment." I like that!

    Here's a post I did about our pets with Instagram photos:

  2. The best camera is the one you have! I use my phone for photos a lot, but mainly because I don't often have a camera with me. Also, I do love the cool lomo instagram and hipstomatic effects that I'm too lazy to achieve with an actual lomo camera or photoshop.

  3. I love Instagram and, to a lesser degree, Hipstamatic, and so far all the photos on my blog were taken with my phone because that's what I had at the time. There are some photos that, looking back on it, I wish I'd grabbed the actual camera instead of the phone - particularly shots I could've taken my time to compose - but I agree with Lori that the best one's the one you've got.

  4. I don't mind them at all either, but for example, Hello Sandwich seems to have switched her neighborhood walk posts all to her Instagram shots. I totally get the whimsy of those filters, but they don't have any depth to them and in the end the photo would have been better shot with a real camera. Or at least mix and match. I just feel like the filters obfuscate too many nice details for certain things. :p

    But yeah, I agree with "the best camera is the one you have," but don't forget if you have a few!

  5. i don't mind the iphone photos, either. like everyone else, i love the convenience of my iphone and i enjoy instagram, too!

    i post iphone photos on puglypixel and have added some to my other blog, as well:

  6. aaahhhh! by the way -- these shots are GORGEOUS.



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