Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pin Money Vol. 3

I did a little online shopping from the etsy store ititems.  The shop has a very large selection of stationery, craft, and sewing items. I am very pleased with this seller; the items arrived in perfect condition, about two weeks after my order was placed.  Pretty good considering they traveled thousands of miles. Since it's an international store, shipping costs are bit high--maybe you could place an order with a friend.  Here are some of the items I got, in action.
I was very curious to see how this mini box template turned out.
The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. First you have to outline the template on your paper of choice. I used wrapping paper designed by Julia Rothman.
After I cut on the lines, I took a bone folder and made neat creases for folding the box together.
Since I made it out of wrapping paper, it was a bit flimsy so I added cardstock to the bottom and top. Now it holds some of my favorite jewelry on top of my dresser.
I also purchased the paper bag template. You can outline the perimeter of the template, or the inner guide lines to make two different sizes of paper bags. I made the large size.
Isn't it adorable? I can definitely see myself making these as party favors.
I'm very pleased with my new templates :)
Another item I got in my order was this "diy duncan rubber stamp kit."
I had to cut up the letters and stick them to their bases. It got to be a bit tedious, so I only finished the letters I wanted to use today.
The base is just the right size, it's easy to place the stamp exactly where you'd like it.
I have a lot of alphabet stamps, but I think these are the best size for mailing letters.
Though I don't sew on a regular basis, I couldn't resist these adorable fabric pieces.
The last thing I got from ititems was this fabric floral tape. I'm going to use it to decorate letters, packages, and maybe a few boxes in my studio.
These aren't from the same shop, but from a antique shop in New Mexico. I found this vintage dial-a-phrase stamp in mint condition.
It has 12 different phrases, but special delivery takes the cake :)
I also found these vintage skinny/mini pens that no longer work but I love the colors!
Replies to recent comments: 
Will Glad you like them and thanks for pinning the Italia set.
Emily Thank you, I forgot to mention I used a tripod to shoot since it was in natural light. Hard to keep the camera steady!  Also, thanks for the tweet.


  1. Margaret, I have the exact same Dial-A-Stamp, and it really is fantastic, isn't it? Sometimes I go a little overboard with 'special delivery', but then again, it's an important sentiment! Those little alphabet stamps you got have a sweet typeface.

    (Sorry my reply is taking it's time, things have been unbelievably intense here and I'm just getting by. Next few days though, I promise to write and tell you all about it :)

  2. I bought a dymo and some tape from this etsy shop and it's wonderful. You made some amazing purchases!

  3. Oooh! I love all your purchases, especially the templates. Got the stationery pouch, btw. Thank you!



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