Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pin Money Vol. 4

No one should be surprised that I like to write things down on paper, calendars, and notepads. I also like to plan ahead!  These two things go hand in hand. That's why this perpetual calendar from Art School Girl is perfect for me.
Each month has day/lines to write in special dates.
At the top of each month is a sweet drawing and a one line suggestion for the month.
You can have one printed for you in custom colors.
Every time a friend or family members comes over for a visit, I have him or her write in their birthday and any other special anniversaries or "dates to remember."
Now I just need a place to hang this up.
Replies to recent comments: 
Will- I'm obsessed with it! Though I can't believe I'm thinking about sweaters when I'm stuck in this California heat.

Katrina- Eat drink chic makes the best collages I think :)

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