Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Product photos

I spent the morning reshooting product photos for my shop and it took hours longer than I thought! I had a different post planned for today but I didn't get around to shooting it so I thought I'd share some updated product shots in the meantime. I don't think I've announced that I carry some new Yellow Owl Workshop stamp kits, like the Italia set above.
I've been putting this off because I got a bit tired of setting up my light tent. Instead I taped colored sheets of paper to the table/wall and used natural light. There are shadows but for some reason they didn't bother me today.
I also played around with a few different styles of card shots. It gets pretty boring photographing 2 dimensional objects! I enjoyed this 'hap hazard' look.
I've also added cards from some of my favorite designers/printers. A line that I have purchased from frequently over many years is A. Favorite based in Chicago. I'm happy that they now have a home in the paper pastries shop! Above, typewriter happy birthday by A. Favorite.
Jukebox love, by A. Favorite.
Some days feel like hel (vetica is blind impressed)
Silkscreened cards from Brooklyn, some beauties from Beau Ideal. Hola in pink and green.
Muchas Gracias

and a special congratulations.


  1. Those cards are fab! The photos look great too.

    Emily x

  2. Very very cute idea with the bag, love the Paris one x



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