Monday, June 6, 2011

Shop Update + Discount Code

I took some time this morning to photograph a few things. I just wanted to redo some product descriptions and photos, I felt my shop needed a bit of a boost. Above, font address stamp samples. 
Please deliver to stamp set, notice the light wood base and handle. All of my stamps are going to be pine from here on out- new wood supplier.
Some new additions- first, a set of 10 air mail envelopes.
Second, a crystal topped dial a date stamp.
And a few examples of some custom work, above a house warming. I took a photograph of their home, made it into a rubber stamp and embossed them onto square cards. Their return address stamp also has a little graphic of their new home.
I've also updated my calligraphy styles. If you're interested in pricing for custom work, email me. Use code "JUNEGLOOM" for 10% your entire order until June 30th. Mention you're a blog reader and I'll throw in a few surprises.
More Oregon later today.
Replies to recent comments: 
Kate It's really a sight to see. Even if it had not been raining I still would have spent hours in there.

Sofia A great vintage shop, definitely!
Anonymous Lodekka bus is located at the corner of North Williams AVe and Failing St. 


  1. that is the prettiest date stamp i've ever seen!

  2. How much do you charge for the My New Home stamp? I LOVE it, and I just bought a home!

  3. Hi Hannah,

    I'd love to work with you, just email me and we can talk.




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