Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thirty before twenty-six

la sardina
lubitelIt's that time of year again! In 30 days, it will be my 26th birthday so in keeping with my annual tradition I've put together this dream wish list. 

These cameras from Lomo have been on my wish list for years, each has a different effect that I'm dying to be able to try out.
1, 2, 3 

A bokeh kit for fun night time shots, a crazy spinner 360 degree camera, and an underwater camera for summertime pool fun. Plus- loads of film!

4, 5, 6 film

I've been scoping etsy for photographs and just came across these beautiful landscape shots. I could stare at these all day. 7a, 7b

I've found some great jewelry and accessories too. I usually don't wear bracelets but a few have caught my eye. 8, 9, 10, 11

and with new cameras, of course I'll need some new straps. 12, 13, 14
Aren't these heart moccasins the cutest? I'll always have a soft spot for glitter polish, and I'm in love with anything shaped like an envelope. 15, 16, 17
I've been looking for some easy summer dresses, and this custom made pinafore seems perfect. And how about a sweet bow tie that's reversible? 18, 19

This clean, simple clock would be a great addition to my studio. The one I have now ticks SO loudly- very distracting! I'm always looking for business cards, I'd like a few of these holders around to keep them handy.

20, 21

My milk toof has a book! Why don't I have it? 

I looked at a copy of the photo jojo book and I'd like to try some of the projects. I've got a lot of photographs lying around :)
I'm always looking for ways to improve my digital photography- I heard Plate to Pixel is really great and I am a huge fan of the author/artist of the book Helene Dujardin.
22a, 22b, 22c

I thought about this locket for days after I first saw it. It's dreamy. Again, I'm shocked I'm drawn to bracelets, I have never worn them before, but this one is so perfect for summer.

23, 24

and last but not least, not birthday would be complete without a beautiful cake! (Katie, that's kind of your thing.)

and I want to go to Big Sur because I've never been.
25, 26


  1. wow, that cake looks too goo to eat!

    i hope you get a lot of the things in your list. :)

  2. Ooh, we have very similar taste! Definitely get that LC-A+; I adore mine. Can't comment on La Sardina yet, as I'm still waiting to get my first few rolls back, but hoping for good things from that camera too. The Lubitel is the next must-have on my list, too :)



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