Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trades/purchases at Renegade Austin

Clearly, one of the best aspects of being at craft fairs is having access to the newest products. Here are some of the purchases and trades I made with other crafters. Above, two new necklaces from Homako. One for me, one for Katie.
Telegraph stationery and
Important document notes from Letter Writers Alliance.
Back in April, I shared Katie's collection of travel pins. Since I was going to be traveling through 3 states, I was on the lookout and found these. They all fit inside this bowl from Paloma's Nest thats stamped with "you're the best."
A couch cushion from Leah Duncan. 
Some dish drying towels that Tony picked out from Girls Can Tell. 
This isn't from Renegade, but a vintage shop further down on South Congress Ave, I got it for my grandma.
I got a few photos and prints but am waiting until they are up in my home to share.
Replies to recent comments: 
Karis Hello! Thanks for reading :) Yes I'll be at Renegade LA this summer. I will definitely stop by your booth.


  1. i cannot wait for renegade to come to the bay area again! adore the print of your new couch cushion!

  2. So cute! I love everything on this post. You'd be the best pen pal! :P



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