Sunday, July 31, 2011

DIY from Pugly Pixel

Hello everyone! It's Katrina from Pugly Pixel and Margaret asked me to share a post whiles she's away on her birthday vacation (HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARGARET)!
A few weeks ago, I shared a short DIY tutorial on my blog about how to make your own custom envelopes. What I'm about to share with you is very similar, except that the material I'm going to work with today is not paper, but aluminum -- aluminum foil, in fact. If you want to follow along, you'll need a sheet of foil, some washi tape, an envelope template, scissors, and any embellishments you wish you add! I hope you enjoy this short and easy tutorial.
Thanks for having me over, Margaret. :)

Step 1: Gather the primary materials -- aluminum foil and washi tape.
Step 2: Take a strip of washi tape and place it across the width of your foil.
Step 3 (optional): To add some texture, partially fold the aluminum over the tape.
Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you're satisfied.
Step 5: Turn over your sheet of foil and trace the outline of your envelope.
Step 6: Reinforce this same side (same side as step 5) by covering it with washi tape.
Step 7: Follow the outline you drew in Step 5 and cut out with your scissors.
Step 8: Fold the flaps.
Step 9 (optional): Embellish.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A long weekend

I am so spoiled to have my birthday celebration continue on to the next week! Tony and I leave today on my birthday trip, to Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Big Sur. We won't be back until Wednesday. He had to work last Saturday which is why we didn't take the trip around my actual birthday, but I'm not complaining. All my life I've lived in California but I've never been to Big Sur. I couldn't be more excited about this trip.
Here are a few of my birthday gifts which I plan to get some use out of on my trip. Have a fun weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pin Money Vol. 5

When Katie and I went up north for Renegade San Francisco we stayed at her mother in law's in San Jose. We decided to head up on Thursday so we would have some free time to hang out and relax. It's important for me to make these "business trips" not all about business. Getting to stay with family makes these trips a lot more fun and relieves any stress. On Friday we headed to Kinokuniya, a japanese book shop and stationery store. I found this great magazine filled with curated collections of paper and office supplies.
My favorite collection is "retro." Too bad I can't read where to get any of it! ;) 
I also really like this "postal" collection. Those are my dream cubbies. Some more shots from the magazine:

I also picked up this mini folder with dividers and a bear rubber stamp. Glasses and a bow tie? Yeah!
There's a new rilakkuma in town, he's miniature and loves fruit. Irresistible and perfect for some overdue letters.
I don't know of many places that sell washi tape in LA, and I have not found these anywhere so I was excited to come across some new-to-me patterns.
What small indulgence have you allowed yourself recently? 
all photos taken with my canon rebel.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just my (paper and) type

I have drawers, boxes and more drawers filled with stationery. That doesn't mean I'll ever stop searching for more. When I see something I like, I just have to get it because it's very possible that I'll never find anything like it again. I have been friends with Victoria for over a year and her line, Paper & Type, keeps growing as she adds more great items all the time. I got to see her full line at Renegade LA and I went to town! Everything in her line is beautiful, simple, and sophisticated. Here are a few things I picked up.
all photos taken by margaret haas.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A mini shop update

Just added two vintage items to the shop- shipping & handling stickers,
and a dial-a-phrase stamp.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recent Favorites Pt. 6

I hope everyone had a great weekend. On Saturday I turned 26, and celebrated with close friends and family. It was my favorite birthday yet. Katie and Josh made the best fried chicken any of us had ever had.  Along with the rest of the food, Katie also made two apple pies, from which I have been enjoying a piece about every 6 hours :)
We had a relaxing few days filled with delicious meals and cat naps. I hope this week flies by because on Friday Tony is taking me on my birthday trip- up the California coast. Can't wait!
These weeks favorites are from Flickr- Hot Air Ballons by Harpy. 
Camera Collection by Bree Walk. 
Malta by Azucar.
Bicycle by Jeffrey Withtwof.
Pup by Conway.
Vacation by Elizabeth Soule.
Stairs by Tae.
The coast by Renbian.
Bobbins by Stephanie Sheih. 
all photos from linked sites.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite Shop Series Pt. 3

Small Realities is the photography shop of Alice Gao. Her shop has a mix of film and digital photography that captures moments around the city she calls home. My favorites are her polaroids, hands down. Isn't the above shot of Manhattan's bridges gorgeous? Check out her shop- besides being full of hard to resist images, she also offers free shipping to the US!
All photos from Alice Gao Photography. 
Replies to recent comments:
Heidi- slide film is really something. I would definitely recommend shooting landscapes with it, the colors are unreal.

Stephanie- I think it's important to use the real and original film as a way of understanding it's digital counterpart.  You're lucky that you got to try it- I know it's just too expensive for most schools to have access to now.
Kat- I will be on the look out for more slides ;)
Camila- yes they are really beautiful. It's inspired me to get some slide film.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You give us the greens of summers

Since Kodachrome is no longer manufactured I am curious because I never got the chance to shoot any of it. When I came across a box of kodachrome slides in a shop in Portland, I spent some time with them. I have been more interested in landscape and nature photography so I picked these three out of the pile of 100's. Maybe one day I'll get them printed but for now I like them as mini pieces of art.
photos taken with my canon rebel.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recent Favorites Pt. 5

Is it Tuesday already? Renegade LA was our best show yet! I really owe it to my team- I could not have done it without them. If you think preparing for a craft fair is exhausting, try doing that all week, then standing on your feet for 12+ hours a day, outside, when its 80 degrees. Thankfully, my power team of sellers had the booth covered. Katie and Nat manned the booth on Saturday and Katie and Wendy manned the booth on Sunday. Tony and I were there to set up, replenish stock, and be the food + drink gofers. We had it pretty easy :) It was so nice to spend time with Tony lazing in the shade of a tree. Usually weekends are so busy we never get time to just lounge around. Though we all had a great time, I am looking forward a few months without a craft fair. We'll take this time to build up stock, come up with new products, and of course blog. 
A big thanks to all the blog readers who came by to say hello. "Carmeggedon" couldn't keep you away. I am glad that wasn't a disaster. I was on the 101 around 4pm on Saturday and it was completely empty. Hopefully it will be the same when the shutdown the freeway again later on this year.
It was great meeting Fallon, whose blog I've been a fan of for a long time and also Lauren was so nice, plus she recommended a restaurant close by that I'd never been to that was SO delicious (spitz in little tokyo if anybody's wondering.) Amanda came by and I was a bit star struck- definitely my favorite wedding blog. The biggest surprise was meeting the duo who put on The Finders Keepers show in Australia. Will Paper Pastries ever travel internationally for a craft fair? I hope so! You never know who you're going to see at Renegade.
On to this week's recent favorites- Kate Spade lipsticks via Sparkles and Pretending.
Why is this baby is a mail bag? via Black and WTF.
The sleepwalker series by Rebecca Finch via Photojojo.
all photos from linked sites.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Come say hello

We'll be at LA historic park this weekend for Renegade Craft Fair LA. Most of California has heard about the 405 freeway closure. Many radio and news stations are advising people to stay off the road. Though traffic is a given at any time in Los Angeles, I doubt that many people will crowd the downtown freeways- the ones you need to get to this fair :) If you'd like to avoid the roads all together Metro is offering free/special rates this weekend. Hope to see you there. 
Click map to enlarge.

Favorite Shop Series Pt. 2

My Afternoon Tea is a collective shop that offers backpacks, totes, wallets and scarves from a group of designers. They are based in Seoul, South Korea and ship worldwide. Their designs are elegant and timeless and very affordable for quality leather goods. These are just a few of my picks from their shop, but there's a lot more to see.
All photos from My Afternoon Tea.
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