Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pin Money Vol. 5

When Katie and I went up north for Renegade San Francisco we stayed at her mother in law's in San Jose. We decided to head up on Thursday so we would have some free time to hang out and relax. It's important for me to make these "business trips" not all about business. Getting to stay with family makes these trips a lot more fun and relieves any stress. On Friday we headed to Kinokuniya, a japanese book shop and stationery store. I found this great magazine filled with curated collections of paper and office supplies.
My favorite collection is "retro." Too bad I can't read where to get any of it! ;) 
I also really like this "postal" collection. Those are my dream cubbies. Some more shots from the magazine:

I also picked up this mini folder with dividers and a bear rubber stamp. Glasses and a bow tie? Yeah!
There's a new rilakkuma in town, he's miniature and loves fruit. Irresistible and perfect for some overdue letters.
I don't know of many places that sell washi tape in LA, and I have not found these anywhere so I was excited to come across some new-to-me patterns.
What small indulgence have you allowed yourself recently? 
all photos taken with my canon rebel.


  1. I must find this magazine at my local Kinokuniya. I never look in their magazines because I didn't know they had such a think. I only have ever found the books on stationery. What a find!

  2. According to their website there are, sadly, no stores in Texas but there is one in LA..

  3. We have one in Seattle and they were able to order it for me after I had a Japanese friend tell me what the title was. Yipeeee.

  4. you might like
    japanese site!

  5. I wish I could read Japanese to get those retro notebooks as well! I love the title of your feature BTW. Regency novels!



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