Monday, July 11, 2011

Recent Favorites Pt. 4

I hope everyone had a great weekend. For Katie and I, the weekend flew by since we spent it at Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. It was constantly busy, we met a lot of interesting people and we're thinking about some exciting prospects. It was a relief to get be away from the heat in LA. Last week temperatures were close to 90 degrees, but it was a cool 52 by the bay. For those of you in the Bay area, the farmers market at fort mason (every sunday 9:30-1:00) is the best I've ever been to! We arrived at Fort Mason on Sunday just as the fair was opening and the air was filled with the the scent of fresh strawberries, flowers, and baked bread. Everything was delicious and I wish I could have brought home some flowers. Our trip was all too short- I never feel as if I spend enough time in that city. No time this trip though, we've got to get ready to do it all over again at this weekends upcoming Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair. More info on that soon, but for now this weeks favorites:   Summer in a bowl by Tim Robison 
Greece via polaroids by Leslie T. 
 At the bird park by Melly Fong. 
  Picnic blanket by Pascale. 
Roses by Jane Flanagan. 
 Lino S by Sabrina.  
Modern Type by Dustin Wallace.   
 Negatives by Bethan Phillips.  
Farmers market finds by Heather Pfluger.
All photos from linked sites.


  1. ohhh i'm in LOVE with that first photo!

  2. Beautiful photos :) How was the craft fair? I would LOVE to go to one one day.

  3. Hey, thanks! I am jealous about Renegade, I would soooo love to visit!!!



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