Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recent Favorites Pt. 6

I hope everyone had a great weekend. On Saturday I turned 26, and celebrated with close friends and family. It was my favorite birthday yet. Katie and Josh made the best fried chicken any of us had ever had.  Along with the rest of the food, Katie also made two apple pies, from which I have been enjoying a piece about every 6 hours :)
We had a relaxing few days filled with delicious meals and cat naps. I hope this week flies by because on Friday Tony is taking me on my birthday trip- up the California coast. Can't wait!
These weeks favorites are from Flickr- Hot Air Ballons by Harpy. 
Camera Collection by Bree Walk. 
Malta by Azucar.
Bicycle by Jeffrey Withtwof.
Pup by Conway.
Vacation by Elizabeth Soule.
Stairs by Tae.
The coast by Renbian.
Bobbins by Stephanie Sheih. 
all photos from linked sites.



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