Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You give us the greens of summers

Since Kodachrome is no longer manufactured I am curious because I never got the chance to shoot any of it. When I came across a box of kodachrome slides in a shop in Portland, I spent some time with them. I have been more interested in landscape and nature photography so I picked these three out of the pile of 100's. Maybe one day I'll get them printed but for now I like them as mini pieces of art.
photos taken with my canon rebel.


  1. Super cool! I'd love to experiment with old slides like that! I know things like that are becoming obsolete in this digital age, but there's still something about the quality of slides and film.

  2. Love this post! I agree, tiny works of art. In film school I had the opportunity to shoot and edit with real 16mm film. Digital is so much easier, but I am thankful for being exposed to a forgotten medium.

  3. Great find! These are beautiful! I almost had the advantage to finding some slides from someones 60's trip to Europe, but they pulled the slides from the boxes :( I hope you decide to post some more :)

  4. They're beautiful! Such lovely images.

    Camila Faria



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