Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get your cameras ready

If you've been a reader of this blog for a while, it's not a surprise that I'm very excited about tomorrow, August 19th- World Photography Day! Thanks to photojojo for reminding me. Since I've got cameras on the brain, here are a few I wanted to share. Above, letterpress print by Sycamore Street Press.
Silkscreened post-a-prints by Jeremy Slagle. 
74 lime lane's camera collection.
Hilda Grahnat's camera collection.
Brownie camera.
One step.
Camera seals, photo taken by what katie does.
I can't go into how enamored with this I am. Custom wedding cake topper by the small object.
This is insane. and awesome. 
all photos from linked sites.


  1. These are all amazing. Thanks for sharing. Hmm. I wonder how I'm going to celebrate World Photography Day?

  2. I love that cake topper and I have those camera stickers but they are too beautiful to use! Also the cameras on that shelving display look amazing!

  3. Happy World Photography Day! Thanks for including my little collection!

  4. I really need to grow my camera collection. I love love love photography!



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