Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've been enjoying these vintage silk scarves that were a birthday gift from my friend Adriana. I've been trying to do a high bun with a scarf wrapped around but haven't quite gotten it down. I need a pro to show me how it's done. Good thing my friend Amy is a master hair stylist. We need to have a day date soon with lunch and hair tips. 
I've grown very attached to this scarf, that says "i love you" in different languages. 
On our California road trip, I picked up some more pins for my sister's collection. The Pelican Inn is a short walk up from Muir beach. We stopped in there for an afternoon drink at the english pub. Pigeon Point is a lighthouse between Santa Cruz and San Francisco. 
We stayed at Fort Baker, an old military base. It was so charming, pictures from my trip are coming soon!
l've also been busy wrapping presents for all the August birthdays as they arrive in the mail. I l o v e  online shopping!
all photos taken with my canon rebel.


  1. I want a vintage Hermes scarf!
    I love the pins. I feel remiss that I don't even have some of those. I stayed at Pidgeon PT for my birthday. Their hottub on the bluff in November is something.

  2. That scarf is fabulous, you should turn it into s notecard or print;)

  3. What a lovely scarf, the one with "I love you" in different languages. Pretty cool. ツ

    Rocio R.

  4. This tutorial helped me a lot with the high bun http://www.thedaybookblog.com/2010/11/round-two.html :)



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