Monday, August 8, 2011

My grandpa's naval photo album

Last week, my dad gave me his father's photo album from his time in the US Navy. The cover is worn and weathered leather with a satin depiction of the ship he served, U.S.S. Holland.
This is the only picture of my grandfather in the entire album, he is taking a self portrait with a few friends in a bar mirror. Both of my father's parents died before I was born so any stories I hear or keepsakes that are still around I will adore and appreciate.
Men in uniform.
Waves crashing over the deck of the ship.
Front of the ship.
View of the bay.
The ship at night, from the shore.
A sinking ship.
A sailor's joke.
A few sailor buddies.
Some lady friends.
Coffee bre
 Caption reads "Babe, poodles, honey 1936"
A Hawaiian sunset.
Hawaii while the ship was docked at Pearl Harbor.
My grandpa frequently dived while in the Navy.
The Golden Gate.
Sightseeing in Hawaii.
Diving bell.
Some more divers.
Christmas on the ship.
One freaky looking fish. This reminds me of the fish on the simpsons that swam in the river by the nuclear power plant.
Ship's cannon.
Bay bridge at night.
Original photographs taken by my grandfather.


  1. Such a treasure! I think my aunt has some photographs from my grandfather's army days, but nothing as awesome as this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are some amazing pictures! My grandfather was also in the navy about the same time yours was. I don't have anything like what you have so you are very lucky! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What an amazing thing to have from your grandfather. What a life he looks to have had.

  4. beautiful photographs! thanks for sharing them

  5. INCREDIBLE! It felt like a trip back in time!

  6. Wonderful album! It's so special to have photographs from the past. Thanks for sharing your treasure :)

  7. These photos are incredible. My Grandfather was in the Navy as well and I grew up surrounded by photos similar to these and his stories. Love it! x



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