Monday, August 22, 2011

Updated product photos

My friend Mollye was in town a few weeks ago and she helped me reshoot some product photos. I really appreciated her help. Usually it's pretty boring to shoot products, and edit all the pictures yourself, but having her there with me made it go by quickly. Air Mail Kit.
Kraft midori envelopes. 
Japanese calligraphy ink.
I've also updated the styles of my "from the desk of" stamps.


  1. It's not every day that I see my own initials (pure coincidence) look so lovely. Beautiful work, as usual!

  2. I am certainly going to order the 'A note from Anna M Lincoln' in the pretty font.' I am always town about the greetings from WA country stamp because I'd like to think that someday I'll be back in California. sniff.

  3. WHAT! Look how great these are and look at that address in the background with the Japanese ink...



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