Friday, September 9, 2011

Around the house

I got some of my instagram photos printed and now they are covering my fridge. I'd love to do a photo swap of instagram photos. If anyone's interested, my user name is paperpastries.
Tony and I made this recipe out of Real Simple and it was delicious! Hoping to try another one this weekend. 
I got the last issue of my subscription this week, I'm looking forward to reading it cover to cover.
Found this fun bird tray at Ikea, don't know if there's a place for it yet, might take to the studio. 
Katie got me these pins on her trip to Vancouver. I want to make them into magnets. 
Fun postcards from Vancouver. 
New paper tape, also from Katie's trip. 
I finally used the trick of cutting out pieces of paper the same size of your frames to see how to arrange them on the wall. We'll see if Tony likes them this way. 
I'd like to get over to Bar Keeper in sunset junction since they just got a liquor license. As you can see, all of our bottles are running pretty low. We love to entertain :)
This is the only weekend in September where Tony and I have nothing planned. We are going to relax, bbq, and hang out by the pool. I'm going to write some return letters and use some of this washi tape thats taking over my drawer.


  1. oh, i love that bird plate! Awesome round-up!

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful around the house pictures, especially your washi tape collection!

  3. i bought that bird plate, too (and also have no idea what i will do with it!) and i LOVE those buttons that katie bought for you...oh to only have friends who love mail as much as i do :)

  4. Ohh those pins would be excellent as magnets. P.S. I'm totally envious of your tape + stamp collection in that last photo!

  5. Hallo! Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog. I'm loving it :) and i will follow you! Love the stamps inspiration.. because i make stamps on my own. Bye!

  6. I'm lovin your washi tape drawer shot :) I'm sure your letters will look fab with all the lovely designs of tape you have!



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