Friday, September 16, 2011

Favorite Shop Series Pt. 8

I discovered Erin via instagram and instantly saw this girl has style. I was delighted to find out she has a shop, Sunshine and Carousels. Soft, pretty, feminine. I know the shop has a focus on wedding accessories but I'd like to wear these every day.
She also takes custom orders and offers most of her line in tons of colors. I wish a store in LA would start to carry her line so I could try on everything and pick out a few must haves. As of right now, everything is "must have." I do have trouble with editing down :)
handy dandy photo layouts from pugly pixel
all photos from sunshine and carousels.
Parting notes:
these are the best diy business cards I've ever seen.
If I could sew, I'd buy up these fabrics.
I bet these treats are as good as they look.
a great little desk side calendar.
Have a great weekend. Tony and I are going up north to see his parents. Mini vacations are the best.

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