Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I take my camera everywhere

I just got 24 rolls of film developed and printed so I've been scanning like crazy. Here are a few highlights. Above, the fried chicken Katie and Josh made me for my birthday picnic. Best fried chicken I've ever had.
Tony made succulents to hang in our window.
They are really pretty, with a bit of soil, charcoal, and some pebbles. Of course I forgot I had black and white film in my camera, but you get the idea.
Vintage postcards.
A trip downtown.
Numbered benches.
Olvera Street.
Sound advice.
Kumar's teddy bear hair cut.
Sin jun's favorite spot.
A giant pinata.
all photos taken with my 35mm.


  1. I love the hanging succulents! The photo of them all in the window makes me think of something someone would do in the 60s because they thought it looked futuristic. I think it's partly because it's in black and white film.



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