Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My holiday in instagram pictures

I came back from Northern California yesterday. I really like how brits call vacations "holidays." It sounds a lot more fun. So from now on, I'll never go on boring vacations again, only fabulous holidays. These pictures were taken with my phone, then edited with instagram. If you follow me @paperpastries you've seen them, but for those of you who don't: my (ice truck killer) inspired manicure.
Breakfast in the garden. 
Sun bath. 
Antique fair No. 1 
Antique fair No. 2 
Porch sitting. 
A walk through the woods.
Ferrell's donuts. 
Baytree bookstore. 
Record playing. 
Japanese store shopping No. 1 
Japanese store shopping No. 2 
Letter writing. 
Backyard sitting. 
and garden wandering, parts 1-7. 
the end :)


  1. I love your photos! Holidays are the best and that antique market you went to looks really good (beautiful setting, too!).



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