Monday, September 19, 2011

Pictures from Australia

No, I didn't take a whirlwind trip to Australia, I did a photo swap! Rhianne, from So easily distracted organized everyone. We were supposed to ship off our photos by the end of July but there were some camera complications. Better late then never ;) My swap partner, Jasmine, sent me two disposable cameras, plus some 4x6 prints from a digital camera. These are my favorites from the disposables. I think these were all shot in Brisbane, Australia.
I will share Jasmine's digital photos tomorrow. All photos taken by Jasmine Lavender. 


  1. Love for Australia and big love for this photo swap project. Dang, wish I knew about it sooner, I woulda done it. Sounds fun! Wanna see more!

    Also, what were you doing up in our slugville?

  2. Wow, these turned out way better than I expected!

    I'm particularly impressed by the ones I took through windows (the city views from my office, and the city view taken on my train ride home), they were a bit of a gamble!

    x Jasmine



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